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Notification Issues

For Christmas i received a Samsung Galaxy s10e. I activated it recently and was excited to upgrade from the s8 but now i am finding several negatives that are leaving me unhappy with the phone.


-First of all i do not understand why the LED Notification light was taken off this phone being  that it was such a helpful way to differentiate my notifications.


-My main problem is this: I use the Verizon Messages+ app and when i was setting up the app i noticed it was completely missing the option to enable Pop Up Notifications which i think is absolutely ridiculous..during a Twitter chat with Verizon support i was told in fact that: "Thank you for sharing that visual, Marissa. Upon further review, I was able to confirm that the Samsung S10 e software does not have the option to enable a Pop-up notification. I apologize for the inconvenience. A new software update may show this option, but we don't have information by Samsung as to when this will be available at this time. ^CT" I am really hoping you will consider fixing this with an update or something.. The other problem i have that ties in with the Messages+ app as well as other notifications is with the Edge Lighting setting. I have it set to light up "ALWAYS" yet i only see it light up when i am using the phone and the screen is on, there is no edge lighting when the screen is set to "ALWAYS ON DISPLAY" or when it is completely off...what is the deal with that? 


Thank you!