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Oh no! Google Assistant lock screen...

I'm a bit terrified that I already know that the answer to this question is 'no' but I got very used to, with my beloved S7 (just replaced with an S10) having Google Assistant automatically on whenever the screen is unlocked.  With the S10, is there a way to have both of these things true at the same time: 

(1) Google Assistant is always one whenever the screen is unlocked, or at least whenever the home screen is open, and

(2) When it's off and locked, my phone does NOT come on when I or anyone says OK/Hey google, only comes on if I touch it or receive a call txt or alarm.

All over forums, many suggest turning off the feature in Google Assistant Settings --> Voice Match that states, 'Access your Assistant any time you say, 'Hey Google", even if your screen if off or you're using your favorite apps."  Problem is, of course, if you do that, Hey Google doesn't work at all anymore, even from the home screen with the Google app open.  It seems to be all or nothing, on even when the phone is locked, or off all the time.

My whole house is wired with Hey Google devices through Google minis.  I can't have a phone that comes on every time someone says Hey Google.  And I need my phone to be able to navigate and play music in the car safely using the Google assistant, when it's unlocked.  This seems like a pretty normal phone usage, but thus far, the internet seems to be saying that I'm out of luck on this one.  Honestly, it's enough to make me give up on Samsung if there's no way around this.  I have 2 weeks left to return this phone.  Help me out?