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Overheating, camera failure, not charging and I don't know why!

So on Friday night I went to bed and I woke up to find my s10+ dead. I thought I might have fallen asleep with it so I didn't think anything of it. I plugged it in and ate breakfast. I came back after about an hour and I expected it to be aroun 60-75% or so, it was at 35%. This was a surprise since I had it plugged in to a fast charger for a while. Didn't think too much of it, and I went on with my day. Later I found an error of it overheating, I cooled it down and turned it off. It was hot to the touch but not unbearable. Throughout the day I was having issue after issue, camera stopped working altogether and showed a camera failed message. I attempted to charge it but it showed a message saying it was overheating and it would stop charging. For the rest of the day I was attempting every solution I could google. 


The thing is that even when turned off and plugged into to a Samsung Fast Charger, it wouldn't move past 1% and the phone would get hot, 40-50 Celcius on the outside of the phone - which can only imply the inside was getting much hotter. The metal sides and buttons were the hotest part. The same if I turned it on left it sitting there no apps running in airplane mode. I reset the partion cache, Google Play Services, reset all settings, reduced power performance, monitor quality, don't know what else to try - outside a full factory reset deleting all data (last resort).


I finally (after many hours of trying different things) got it above 1%. It is now at 7% after being charged for about 10min. It is still hot but nothing out of the ordinary for this issue. All I did was flip the USB C cable...don't know why it would do anything different but hey I will take more power.


It seems like this is a problem with non USA S10s after the August update. Can anyone suggest a solution?



I found out it happened 7 days after warranty ended! My extrra warranty covered by my credit card....doesn't cover batteries. Factory Reset was done to prepare for a repair and it didn't help. Looks like the update killed my battery.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Overheating, camera failure, not charging and I don't know why!

Thank you for reaching out. It would be recommended to have the phone serviced, For service inside the U.S. you can find a location near  you here: Outside of the U.S., you can use this link:

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