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New Galaxy S10. Have had 2 of them in past 4 months. New antenna replaced on the first one. EVERY troubleshooting step possibly available has been done including full factory reset. Tried 3 different SIM cards that all worked on 4 different devices in my home but the Galaxy S10's. (NOT a Carrier Issue 110% sure) Have tried both Verizon which Ive used for 10 years without issue throughout multiple different phones and brands. Switched to AT&T without resolve. Definitely a Software issue from Samsung with the S10. Completely out of my money. I can make a phone call and whomever will answer and I can hear them fine but Im breaking up to them and shortly afterwards the call is dropped. This mainly occurs if Im inside of any structure including my home which is extremely inconvenient. Im fully aware building materials, etc can obstruct signal strength. This is not nor ever has been an issue before with any phone Ive ever owned so thats not the case. I can pop the SIM card Im using now into my old iPhone 6 and works flawlessly. Text messages often fail to go through and I have to send pictures MMS multiple times. Pulling out my hair. Can't sell the phone knowing I'm giving someone else the same issues, can't afford a different one now, no warranty, 3 kids and Im the only one working what hours I can get due to Covid. This is a REAL problem for alot of people