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Pairing SM V700 to SM 970U


I'm using older Samsung Gear watches:

Galaxy Gear SM V700 (camera on side of band)
Gear 2 (camera on face)
Gear S (widest and fatter screen)
Gear S2 Classic.

I have had every single one paired with the S10e for over a week. A week (give or take) later, the SM V700 went back to the bluetooth and NFC pairing screen. It refuses to pair again.

Here's what I've done so far:

Clear the bluetooth cache
Clear the network settings.
Uninstall all Gear Wearables and Gear related apps
Re-Install all of the necessary Gear related apps.
Shut phone off and on, rebooted, and re-started and turned completely off again.
Uninstall all watches and exclusively added SM V700 by itself
Went into T-Mobile for help (2 different locations, last locations got it connected)
Went into UBreakIFix (as directed by Samsung support) for help and they were clueless this watch exists
Spent oodles of time on Samsung Tech support
Tweeted and DM'd Samsung Support with no real help there

Please do not suggest upgrading the watch as I have had this one connected but it disconnected somehow.
Please don't suggest connecting it to another S10 phone as a S10+ owner has it connected to his watch.
And no, I did not consider rooting it it nor using Kies (if it's even possible)

Thank you for any help/thoughts you can provide.

PS - it was last used on a Note 5 and all of the warthes worked on the Note 5 for over 2 years.

The SM V700 is seen by the bluetooth app and the Gear app but times out connecting to the phone.
Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Pairing SM V700 to SM 970U

Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out. Can you send a private message here providing the model and serial number of the galaxy gear watch?


Re: Pairing SM V700 to SM 970U