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Phone overheating, and almost restarting itself while in use?

I'm using a Galaxy S10+ that I have had for about 12 months.

Yesterday I was on a video call and the phone over heated beyond anything it ever has before. Im used to the phone getting hot when multitasking but this was running literally painfully. I couldn't hold the phone.

This morning I had an alert that it needed to shut down a file or a folder called 'Facebook.katana' because it's using too much CPU or overclocking CPU or something else CPU related. This worried me but Google told me it is just something to do with Facebook and nothing malicious.

About 2 minutes ago, im using my phone on 80% battery and the screen shuts off, and the Samsung logo begins to appear (it's slowly 'drawn out' like when turning on the handset). But it doesn't even finish drawing out SAM before it just returns me to the screen I was on, with everything running as normal. No reboot, nothing. What happened? I've never seen a phone try and restart and change it's mind halfway through and carry on like nothing happened.

Aside from re-installing Facebook is there something I should be worried about ? It's never behaved like this before. Phone had been in use since July last year.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Phone overheating, and almost restarting itself while in use?



Thank you for reaching out, I can understand doing so experiencing these symptoms. Have you been able to test the device in safe mode to see if the symptoms persist? You can put your device in safe mode by following these steps. 


Press and hold the power button until the power off, restart, and emergency mode appear

Tap and hold on the power off option until it changes into Safe Mode

Tap on safe mode and your device will reboot. 


If while in safe mode you experience the same symptoms, I would like to look into this further for you. If so, could you please provide me with the model and IMEI number for your device along with how your device performed in safe mode in a private message?  


Thank you.