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Photography and S10+ Quality?

Hey Everyone,

I am no pro but, I have owned a DSLR and taken numerous photography and composition classes. I can take great pictures with the DSLR in manual mode. However, using the S10+ for even basic photography the pictures are always turning out horrible. They are over saturated and lots of noise even during daytime. I've looked at several threads on here of "shot on my s10 or s10 plus" and NONE of my pictures look even close to the level of quality others are producing with "no editing". I have even let my photography teacher who shoots models and weddings professionally use it and it seems to be the same with his. All the pictures are blurry, noisey and over saturated. Playing around in Pro mode improves it slightly but most of the people I see taking great pictures say they just leave everything on auto.

Do I have a defective device or am I just doing some noob mistake?

I want to take as great pictures with my phone as you all do :'(

And before people ask. Yes I've cleaned the lense with an eletronic cloth. No fingerprints or dust visible.


Re: Photography and S10+ Quality?

factory reset the phone.