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Please Return My Phone Promptly


Dear Samsung,


I truly hope you will read this message; not only because I am (and have been) a customer since your flip-phone era devices; not only because I have been the proud owner of the first galaxy phone, the Samsung Moment; not only because I subsequently purchased the Epic 4g touch (aka galaxy s2) but also the galaxy s3, s4, s5, s6, s8active, and now of course the s10+; NOT ONLY for all those reasons....But I really, truly and sincerely hope you respond at the earliest possible convenience please, because I am a very well educated young adult who lives modestly, yet commands the attention of a large world-wide audience, having traveled to over 20 countries and having close friends and family in all 20 of them. I would prefer to have this handled without sharing this writing with a rather ridiculously large amount of people whom in turn would do the same. I also request not just a response but one that will absolutely ensure I receive my device promptly returned to me at no additional hardship to myself or cost of my time which seems to be getting wasted the more I deal with your customer service and processes which it involves.


At the beginning of the month, around the first or second week, you have the records of my call I am certain; I called in because my new Galaxy s10+ was smoking in my pocket and a burning smell of electronics and my pants were also occurring. The device was plugged into a portable charger which has all the various protections and certifications and is still working perfectly to charge other galaxy s10+ devices (using the same cord) of my coworkers without harm. However, my phone wouldn't charge, instead just smoke and burn my leg. Which I am sure you might imagine was painful and cause for serious concern of my physician. After my medical treatment, I searched online for a solution to fix my phone; I was led to drive almost 2 hours to the closest uFixIbreak Samsung authorized repair center in order to have the device looked at and fixed. Living in Estes Park makes life difficult for things like this sometimes.

The manager of the location took it back and after a while came out and stated that she had read numerous reports, forums, posts and even new articles stating that the galaxy s10 and in particular the s10+ has been having lots of reported overheating in the extreme, and more cases of this than is typical, usual or as expected with a new device. She also took a look at the phone, noting that I still had the factory plastic on the back of the phone and that there was not a scratch or other issue physically. No water damage was noted, and no cracks in the screen. Obviously the power issue was not caused by any sort of misuse, dropping, water damage or other type of damage that can possibly be caused by myself. In-fact it appeared that my device was brand new looking but simply would not work to charge.

After the inspection and determination by the technician that my phone was both under Samsung warranty and also having an issue that appeared to be either a factory defect or issue due to the phones overheating issue and it's power port being a danger to use; She informed me that I would need to send the phone in for warranty repair, as it was covered and since she had taken my phone out of a waterproof, drop-proof, damage-proof (you get the gist) type case; that by no fault of my own was the phone experiencing damage and that I was still under warranty and the phone would be fixed by Samsung per the warranty, even more so it was likely to be fixed due to burning my leg and ruining my jeans (obviously the burn is a much larger concern than jeans which are easy to replace).


Before I continue on much more, I must state that my experience calling in to your customer service was ridiculously time-intensive and a terrible experience. If I were to charge for my time on the phone with the first agent, it would've cost over $200 being that I make in excess of $250 per hour. If I am to calculate what my time costs (the second agent around $100, just to inform you and make a point). Though at this moment, and my first message, I am not yet charging for the time or sending a bill for it; not yet.

The repair store manager heard the whole thing and remarked to me afterward- how I was able to even continue to speak to the agent. I was asked by the agent at least 5 times what my phone number was and my name at least just as many times. The store manager recalled hearing me repeat the phone number 7 times actually. Most worrisome was the fact that the person on the other end of the line was not a foreigner, nor was English a second language. In-fact the agent was most definitely American, speaking to me from a USA call-center and still couldn't figure out a phone number after being repeated at least 5 times; literally the most basic and most often used identification for their job.... And as if that wasn't bad enough, I waited days for an email to arrive that never did.
Upon calling back in, an agent from another country did a better job than the American one, by leaps and bounds. I never received the shipping instructions email because the American agent swapped my first and last name. Eventually that was corrected and I finally got the device sent in to you.


A few days later, I get an email, making it apparent the device was repaired and on it's way back to me. Or so I thought... Then just yesterday I receive another email that apparently it was not on it's way, and that although I had a power issue, I am showing a cost for an LCD screen repair... My screen was not cracked, the picture worked 100% as well as the touchscreen and the phone was sent in for a warranty repair for the power issue.


I would really appreciate someone reaching out to me as quickly as possible to resolve this issue for me as to why it appears I am being charged for a repair that obviously was not needed, at least not when I sent the phone in. Now, if during the initial repair process, my phone was damaged and needed an LCD repair due to a repair technician's mistake, I can understand.... I can understand that might happen from time to time and make the process take longer. I cannot understand me, the long-standing and loyal customer (or any customer for that matter) being charged for a repair due to damage caused by your repair process. If things are to get that "nit-picky" for my repair, then please provide me an address to which I can send a bill for my time on the phone with your customer service agents; I would also then need to go ahead and bill you for my time writing this message (lets call it another $200, as I charge for time writing and also my writing ability); additionally I will need to know where to send this explanation of benefits from my doctor and insurance company for the charges for the burn I received from the device; insurance isn't done paying it all yet, but my deductible is $500, so that would be the bare minimum you can expect to see on the first medical bill I send.


To summarize: Please include in your response the address and person whom I should send these bills and when I can expect to receive my device, as well as how I will receive the difference back (check, ACH, visa gift card etc...). Or please simply include in the response when I will receive my phone back and that the damage caused by repair of my device (by your company) has been covered by you as it should be, and I will cover the damage caused to me, and the cost of my time in lieu of receiving my phone back for the cost noted on the first email I received. I would be happy to file this away and continue on touting Samsung as my top brand, as always and continue being a loyal customer, provided I am treated like one and my warranty repair is covered properly, as a no-cost-to-me warranty repair.   


Kind Regards,



P.S. Please make note I fully understand that with your warranty repair it is noted that you (Samsung) are not responsible for data loss and things losing my data would entail, but you're most certainly responsbile for the damage caused to my device while in your care.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Please Return My Phone Promptly

Well this was... interesting. I dig your logic, I think it's reasonable for me to now send you the bill for my time reading this, may I have an address please?


To be honest, it's hard to tell if you're serious or not, but anyway... this is a peer to peer forum. Not a way to officially contact Samsung. Also, it doesn't matter if a charger you used works perfectly with other devices (which might be dangerous btw), since it's not an official accessory, it can easily void the warranty, but of course it probably doesn't matter since they're claiming physical demage. 


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Re: Please Return My Phone Promptly

This is RIP


Re: Please Return My Phone Promptly

I'm guessing he's refusing to reply to you until his initial bill is paid in full. Lol. Somebody thinks very highly of themselves. : )