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Poor Customer Service Samsung S10

Had an extremely disappoint experience with your Customer Sevice Department Plaza, 21 Airborne Road, Albany New Zealand

Took My Samsung S10 + 1TB in as I'm unable to charge or download any information from the phone - still can wirelessly charge but the moisture detector id faulty on the phone

The guy in the store extremely rude and unprofessional told me to take the phone back to the shop where I purchased it from.

I said that was the Samsung duty-free shop in Doha, he said not my problem and he will only deal with New Zealand phones.

I reminded him that the phone has an international warranty and that the phone I still under the manufacturer's warranty.

He said I don't care about your problem and walk away, and was not prepared to help in any kind of way.

I was shocked that this is the level of customer service I can expect from Samsung after purchasing my products like fridge freeze, robot vacuums, TV, phones, printer.................if this is how im going to be treated then I will pursue this legally to get the phone repaired under the international warranty

Extremely disappoint customer


Also their customer service online center does not work in New Zealand, Impossible to get any response from them