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Popup notification input not working

Brand new Galaxy S10. When a website pops up a message asking for permission to send notifications, it has two opotions block or allow. On my S10, it doesn't recognize a finger press on either option. It's like the options aren't active. Has anyone else experienced this? If so has a solution been found? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Popup notification input not working

I would like to look into this issue further for you. Let's take a look into a couple of things first.

  • First thing you will want to check is the software. You will want to check the software on your phone but you will also want to check that all your apps are up to date from the play store. Anytime where the software is not current it can cause issues. 
  • You can also check to make sure that your google ads are set not to show. You can follow this path here: settings> google settings> ads> Opt-out of ads Personalization. Make sure the switch is set to off. This could very well be the culprit causing the issue. 
  • If the first 2 steps did not work then you will want to place your phone into safe mode. In safe mode, your Android temporarily disables any third-party applications from running. So if the issue appears in safe mode then its an issue with the phone it's self. However, if it does not show up in safe mode then it means a 3rd party app is causing the problem. This would mean you will have to go back and uninstall your 3rd party apps until you find the one that is causing the issue.