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Prime Vid, Disney+ won't load when HDMI-connected

My Galaxy S10+ is usually happy to share its video signal w my Westinghouse SmartTV; I plug in the HDMI adapter and I enjoy some Netflix. I believe I've also gotten Amazon Prime Video to work with it.


Now, if I try playing a video with either one of those services,  I get the "Sorry,  unable to load this video right now."  That's been going on for a couple of days.  I did a soft reset, optimized my device, got an alert that some apps had used too much storage space for temp files  & that I should "Clear cache" for those apps, which I did.


Now Netflix works fine over HDMI.  Prime Video does not,  though it works fine when the phone's not HDMI-connected.


And Disney+ doesn't seem to work at all.


Anyone have similar problems?  Suggestions?