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Probable Scam

When I open Samsung internet on my phone I keep getting a pop up with the following message: says


You should update your Samsung Cleaner now or your phone might be freezing.


Behind this pop up screen is another with an Update Now button. I believe this is a scam/hack, however I can't get rid of it or get past it to access the internet, can anyone advise on this?


Thank you.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Probable Scam

Hello @userTtkKyAj80q 


I'm sorry to hear this is happening to you and I hope I can help. I'm going to assume that you do not have malware on your phone that's causing this and that it's just a website that is causing the problem. So, I'm sure you already tried this but just to make sure and get the basics out of the way, did you close all tabs open in the app? Bottom of screen, click on square box with numbers in it, then top right corner there are 3 dots, then first option to close all tabs. Ok, I'm sure you might've tried that already, but just in case, I figured I'd ask and now we can move on to next thing to try... 


Do you have ad blockers installed on your Samsung internet? If you're not sure, then open Samsung internet, and on bottom right corner is the menu (3 bars), then click on the "add ons" option, and then click on ad blockers. There will be a list of ad blockers you can choose from to install (I'm using Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet), click on the download button and then once the download is complete make sure the ad blocker is toggled on.


Now, if you visited a website that might've downloaded this onto your phone's internet cache, you may be able to clear your cache/data to get rid of it as well. Go into phone settings-apps-samsung internet-storage-clear cache and data are at the bottom of the screen, I'd try just clearing the cache first and if the pop up still appears, then clear the data.


Ok, I gave you the basics of what to try to get them off your phone, closing the tabs and installing the ad blocker should help, but in case they don't you can try clearing the app cache and data.



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