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Problem Restoring from Backup of deceased relatives phone

Hi i'm hoping that someone can help.


Two weeks ago my cousins' husband passed away from Covid-19 at aged 38. It was a complete shock as he had no underlying health problems.


My cousin really needs to access his phone to get photos, contacts and passwords that he had saved on his phone. The problem is that she does not know the pattern code that he used.


We tried various times to log into the phone but nothing worked. We did manage to log into his samsung cloud account and downloaded photos and videos, although only 50 got downloaded. The backup says 1100 photos and vids. We also accessed his google photos and found more. But we can see a device backup from the day he was admitted to hospital.


Eventually we decided to reset the phone to factory settings in the hope that we could then set the device up as new but restore from back up. This all seemed to work ok, however in order to access the backup we have to input the pattern code.


Prior to resetting the phone we tried googlefindmyphone and samsung find my phone. With the samsung option, we did not know his password, so we reset it. But this then did not allow us to remotely unlock the phone. 


We also have the added problem that if we input the wrong pattern code 5 times then it will then delete the backup. At no point did we get the option to reset this code or use his google account to help reset.


The ideal scenario is that we can restore the back up but i'm thinking that this is going to be impossible now because of the pattern code which is unknown.


If anyone has any miracle suggestions then that would be very much appreciated.