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Protection from the Phone Case

Good day, My name is Kreesan Moonsamy and I have just recently bought the samsung Galexy S10 plus.

I have a small idea that could bring in some extra money for the brand.

As I am someone who takes good care of my phones I have noticed that covers collect dust and taking them on and off seems to cause scratches to the sides of the device .

I have noticed that there are no products that protect the sides of the samsung phone besides the plastic stickers when the phone is bought. ( as you would be aware these plastic stickers are far from permanent) .

As I would really like to keep my phone in good condition for keeps sake as well as optimizing the amount of money I could get for my phone when upgrading I would like to know if it would be possible to create a sticker (similar in material as a thin screen protector) that could be more permanent for the side casing of my phone. Something similar to the plastic that comes with the phone, just more permanent in order to decrease the scratches from the phone covers when removing to clean any dust that has collected.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Protection

@Samsung_KiBCQ0S Thanks for reaching out to us about your idea. We will tag this post so our developers will be able to view your input.