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Random complete RESET



I am very frustrated for the first time with my Samsung product.  I have a Galaxy S10 and I have owned Galaxy's since the original.  I had a very unique experience this weekend when my phone completely at random decided to completely reset without any kind of prompting.  I was cleaning my house with music streaming though my Samsung bluetooth earbuds.  Then my music cut out after about 2 hrs.  Neither my earbuds nor phone died, but my phone came up with a blue screen after a few seconds that said "Erasing..." at the bottom.  My phone went through a COMPLETE RESET, deleting everything entirely off of it and then reinstalling.  This process took several hours reduring it only able to be used for minimal functioning for those hours.  This has brought me several headaches since due my phone being utilized as a tool for work with my platforms performing well before the reboot and now, unable to be used.  I lost all of my photos (luckily backed up in google photos) but who knows what else!  My phone was no where near being at maximum storage.  I have no idea how or why this reset has happened.  My phone was in my gym shorts pocket during some vigerous Swiffering.  There is no way that this activity should have boosted my phone into a reset.  Help!  I never want this to happen again.  Also, am I alone?  Did this happen to anyone else?  Was a reset part of an update (even thought it never has been before)?  Was I hacked?  WHAT HAPPENED?!?