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Rear Camera only focuses on close objects

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 8:03 PM)
Galaxy S10

Recently the glass protecting my S10e camera broke. I replaced it. The rear camera no longer will focus on objects farther away than a foot. For those of you who have had to replace the glass, is the main camera normally loose (side to side in the socket)? I've read all the options of resetting cache, and so on. None of these fixes worked. I've also read plenty of comments stating people's cameras no longer work and Samsung may be working on a fix.


Side note of frustration: I owned an S6 Active for over 4 years. Most of the time it was carried in a case. It was dropped both in and out of the case. It even took a short splash in the toilet. The thing never failed. The glass never even scratched. I bragged up its performance to my kids and many friends who had to replace their iPhones over and over again. I've had this S10e for less than a year. It has always been carried in a case. I've seen many posts on the internet about the same issue with the camera glass breaking. It always seems to break right over the main camera. Why is this a problem?? Why do we spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that cannot stand up to daily use?

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