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Reminders & Calendar Events Not Working

I have recently switched from Apple to Android with a new S10. I'm mostly quite happy but one issue persists. Reminders and Calendar Events are not consistently popping up and at best they're a tiny notification for 2 seconds before existing on the lock screen. Many times Reminders and Calendar events just do not happen at all. This is baffling for me and I presume is due to some overlap in my apps.

I am running Google Calendar and Samsung Calendar and have tried just running Samsung Calendar with the same result.

Yesterday, I set a Samsung Reminder for 9am manually with the reminder set to "keep ringing". Nothing happened. I looked at my phone (which was on and open) at 9:20 and nothing had come up nor was listed on the notifications bar or lock screen. I checked the Reminders app and sure enough, the reminder was there but didn't work. I have a screenshot from the reminder.

I am also running Nova Launcher Pro and I wonder if this could be affecting the situation.

I keep my notifications on silent as I merely want them to take over my screen and stay there until I dismiss the reminder or event. I work with sound at weddings so I can't have my phone ruining a ceremony by reminding me about something. I also wonder if my silent settings could be the issue here.

I have notifications turned on for both calendars and for Reminders as well.

I notice in "Ringtone Reminders" that I cannot change my settings for sound. Where is this actually controlled? Screenshot attached.

I'm baffled and getting extremely frustrated. Anyone have ideas for me?