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Routing Audio to Bluetooth Headset

I am trying to deteremine why I am experiencing this issue and if there is a solution. I have a work profile set up on my S10+.


When I try to use any app that utilizes VOIP (Nextiva, Zoom, and Google Meet) the audio will not route to my bluetooth headset (Galaxy Buds) when attempting to make a call out. It appears that the applications do not see any microphone other than the default phone mic. The apps will also not switch input/audio sources (neither speaker or bluetooth) once the 'call' or session is connected. However, if the call comes into these applications, my headset works perfectly fine.


I have spoken to one of these applications support team and was told that it is a limitation of the phone OS and not the application. I believe there is something within the configuration of the work profile that does not share the external bluetooth audio sources from the standard settings.


How do I resolve this issue or am I stuck breaking the barrier between my work and personal profiles to have these VOIP apps work correctly with my headset?