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S10 5G Bluetooth audio quality

I have a S10 5g which I am mostly happy with, the camera isn't anywhere near as good as my old P20 Pro, but the single biggest issue I am having is the Bluetooth quality when playing music. It applies to either headphones or my car stereo, but every song ends up being muffled and just sounds awful, I can't describe it really. There is also a constant static noise if a track is paused or skipping tracks. Also it can crash my head unit at times for 30 seconds to 2 minutes or so. The car stereo is a 3 month old Kenwood, no other phone causes these issues with it. 


At first I thought it was an issue with my car (I got a new to me car around the same time I got my S10) but when I connect my wife's phone (Honor 20) the sound quality is excellent. 


I've searched around and find loads of posts and potential fixes for an S10, but nothing for an S10 5g, half the options and fixes for the S10, I just don't have on the 5g. 


Does anyone have any idea where to start? I do have a Galaxy watch connected also, I've tried disconnecting this, and the issue is still the same. 


Many thanks! 

Product Expert

Re: S10 5G Bluetooth audio quality

Hello! Have you been connecting Bluetooth through settings or though your wearables app? If you're not doing it through our Samsung wearables app, try doing that. Download the wearables app and that's how you would connect/adjust the audio when connecting your device to your buds or watch!