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S10 5G (G977N). 5G is not connecting!

Hello Experts,

I have bought the S10 5G, Korean model (G977N) through one of the flagships on the net. The problem is not connecting to 5g service!.  I'm living in KSA - STC carrier and using a sim with 5G activated. and are using standard 5G-NR (N78).   3.6, 3.7 GHz bands.


I have also updated the firmware to KOO but still not able to get a 5G signal !!

My Q? is such a problem is hardware or software update? 


P.S: I do have some experience in updating Samsung firmware(s), and have already customized it to the correct CSC  (KSA),  but still no luck !!


anyone can help with this  ??  


Thank you,




Cosmic Ray

Re: S10 5G (G977N). 5G is not connecting!


First try to test the speed of your connection via Ookla speedtest app which you can find from Google Play Store.If its not normal for 5G,then contact your service provider.If they tell that there is not a problem with the service or SIM,then try to contact Samsung Support.They can help you out to find if there is a problem in the phone.