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S10 Default Print Services the printer is no longer accepting encrypted jobs message

While using a Samsung S10 with android 10. I setup the Default Print Services under settings so I could print photo images from phones Gallery via Wifi connection. Wifi culd either on a wireless print server on a printer.

Default Print Service is limted in functionality as yo ucan only seelct one image at a time. Seems there is not feature for selecting multiple images. Just an observation.

The problem is when you start sending images quickly to the the printer, eventually you will recievethe message " The printer is no lnger accepting encrypted jobs" <Accept or Reject>  This mesage appears in phones Notifcations screen. Below the message is the image that is now " blocked"."Printer blocked" is the title above the image.

When you tap Accept, the message disappears, the image is unblocked and prints as expected.

Samsung tells me it s the phones response to user senind too many photo imagesquickly at once.

My question is has anyone out there had this problem and is there anyway to correct it? Samsung tells me no.


Thank you