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S10: Email notification plays the "Over the Horizon" ringtone at full volume.


I am having this head scratching issue with my new S10 that I believe is a defect. When receiving email notifications on the  S10's lock screen, the notification is not using the notification sound "Alpha". Instead it is using the "Over the Horizon" ringtone at maximum volume. All other app notifications is using the Alpha sound. It is only email notifications that are not.

What I have tried.

  1. Reseting the phone.
  2. Reseting settings to "default settings".
  3. Changing the notifcation ringtone to something different.
  4. Turning off notifications for the email app for a few minutes and then turning it back on.

It's driving me bonkers and startling people as much as myself in the workplace. Specially in meetings. Let me know if anyone have any ideas or experienced something similar.