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S10 Green tint on life focus / bad battery life.

I've been using S10 for about 2 weeks now and to be honest I'm really dissapointed with the cameras. As many previously said even my old S7 took sharper pictures. Photos from the main camera look great in daylight but software is doing something wrong in worse lighting conditions. Even in a well lit room every photo I take seems so blurry. But my biggest problem is with the live focus. I've been using LG V30 for the last year with GCam installed and it took so much better portrait pictures. Selfie live focus on S10 looks pretty nice in the viewfinder, but when you actually open the photo after about a second it makes everythig washed out with a green cast on it. Try it yourself. It's my worst phone for selfies since an ancient Galaxy S2. I have everything turned off, no scene optimiser, no beauty mode. Clearing the camera data did nothing, factory resetting the phone (it's that bad) did nothing. I seriously don't know what's wrong with this phone. I'm just mad that I had to buy the exynos version with a terrible battery life (max 5h sot while the V30 could go for 6-7h) and harder to port GCam. The phone overall is great, it's fast, the screen is awesome but camera and the battery left me terribly dissapointed.