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S10 Notification Light Suggestion

I know there are several discussions started about this & I also know there are a couple of partial solutions. I've opted to activate the Edge Lighting notifications but this isn't a complete resolution as the notification only appears for a few seconds, even when the duration is set to "long".


As someone who isn't glue to her phone & unwilling to leave the display permanently on, I'm wondering why there isn't an option for the notification lighting to remain on until the notification is cleared. When I contacted Customer Support about this, I was told it would be too much of a battery drain but I personally believe that is simply a scripted response. There is certainly more battery usage to activating the display constantly in order to check for messages versus waiting for an LED light (which we all know doesn't use that much battery) to flash until the notification is cleared. It's also quite a bit more convenient.


Re: S10 Notification Light Suggestion

I want this as well.  I would take the battery drain over not having a notification light.   Edge lighting + is nice, but if i could have it light up every 30 seconds or do until the notifications are cleared I would be happy; even at the cost of some battery life.  I would be fine if it was only available for the "eclipse" setting (ring around the camera) as this is what I'd prefer for this.


I really wish this feature would be added so I wouldn't need to rely on a junky 3rd party app.


They could also just light up the light around the camera...

They could also just light up the light around the camera that way it takes up less battery light and then the light goes away when the phone is checked