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S10 Plus received faulty update(s)

I don't know if it's Samsung or the carrier, but some of the updates I've been receiving, and from what I've seen, dozens or more of us are all having some version of the same issues with our phones. Either Samsung or the carrier is dropping the ball Big Time on properly testing and vetting these updates before releasing them. My GPS works for a minute or two and then it drops. If I turn off location and turn it back on a few seconds later it resets and works another minute or two, and then I must repeat turning off/on the location again. You can NOT safely do this while driving in heavy traffic. Also, my Yahoo email app will randomly flash and reset and reload the screen. My Chrome app will do the same flash and reset/reload of web pages. Or sometimes either the Yahoo mail app or Chrome will just randomly shut down. I check daily for Google store app updates and have the latest updates from my carrier. I have cleared cache, then data and cache, and uninstalled and reinstalled each app, and have even rebooted the phone and cleared the system cache. No change. But since I've read numerous others state the same issues, it's widespread and not just my phone. Somebody please fix these faulty updates and quit rushing them out before they are even half tested, please. Bad updates ruin peoples' lives.


Re: S10 Plus received faulty update(s)

what carrier and what ui you have