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S10+ WiFi Issues after UI 2.0 Update

I'm getting nothing but communciation issues with WiFi connection since the UI 2.0 update. I have reset all my Network Settings and having the issue on more than one network. 


I have been using my work and home network for years now without issues but as soon as the update was applied unable to connection and often message suggesting the network connection is too poor to connect and i'll find my device sitting on 4G most of the day. 


Re: S10+ WiFi Issues after UI 2.0 Update

I'm having a similar problem where links on apps like twitter wont load. Also when I search in either chrome or samsung, click the search result, and it says there's no internet. But I'm streaming spotify and it works fine. So then I tried my bing browser that i rarely use but is installed on my phone. And bing works perfectly. It's just chrome, samsung internet and links on twitter/facebook/instagram that won't open.


Re: S10+ WiFi Issues after UI 2.0 Update

I have also been having similar issues with this, and have found no solution.  Most apps that I try to use, don't want to open until I turn the WiFi on my phone off, and then on again.  Then, they only work for a short time, before it starts again.


As the original poster said, I have had no issues with my home WiFi on my phone up until the update, and everything else works great on my home network.  I also use a different connection away from my home frequently, and have the same results.


I saw that Vane04 was able to stream Spotify, and it worked fine.  Mine will do the same thing with the SiriusXM app.  I can stream it, and it won't cut out.


I even tried resetting my whole phone, which is ridiculous to have to do, and a pain to get everything back to how it was.  That was a waste of time, since it didn't seem to have helped at all.


Is there a fix for this that I have overlooked?  Does anybody have any other ideas?


Re: S10+ WiFi Issues after UI 2.0 Update

I solved it!


I had the same problem but I tried this (following instructions) and now finally internet (wifi and mobile) is working again after the UI 2.0 update. I hope it also works for all of you with the same problem. Have a great day!


Reset network settings


  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Tap General management.
  3. Tap Reset.
  4. Tap Reset Network settings.
  5. Tap RESET SETTINGS button to confirm.