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S10+ app folders opening incorrectly. Cut off by display

Whenever I open an app folder that contains any number of apps, the folder opens on the very far right edge of the display, showing roughly 1/3 of the right side of the folder and only a few letters of the folder name. Attempting to move the apps within the folder makes them disappear from the folder entirely. I attached some screenshots below, and you can see that the folder I am opening has atleast 4 apps in it, and when opened it is cut off by the display. On top of that I am unable to move apps around the homescreen or add apps to existing folders. I can remove or edit them just fine though.

Update: I removed 1 of the homescreen pages and everything went back to normal.

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: S10+ app folders opening incorrectly. Cut off by display

Per the name of your screenshots, it appears that you are using Nova Launcher.


Try switching back to the Samsung launcher and see if that solves the issue.