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S10 - issues saving photos to MicroSD card

Bought a new Galaxy S10 a couple weeks ago, and have found issues with photos saved to the Micro SD card. About 1 in 6-8 pictures are not viewable after / corrupt files.

This is the Galaxy S 10 and using a Samsung EVO or a SanDisk Ultra 256gb SD cards...
- if I take 50 pictures with the phone and have saved to SD card, random pictures are lost, showing a grey thumbnail with ! in the middle.
- if I take 50 pictures and save to internal memory, no issues.
- if I copy via USB or Wifi, 50 pictures form my S7 to the SD card, same issue.

I formatted the SD card in the phone, try again, same issue.

I formatted the SD card on a Win10 PC,  copied photos to it,  put card in 10,  same issue.
I have did a soft and a hard, factory reset, no help.
Reset cameras settings, used default settings, except to store on SD, no help.
Even gone to Samsung Service Center, where they wiped Android and did a hard reload of the OS and apps, booted and tried without loading other stuff on phone, same issue.

When I try a 16gb SanDisk card, not seeing the issue.
Currently testing with a 128gb SanDisk card, not yet seen issue.

Wondering if anyone else has seen this issue ?
Wondering if the S10 does not like 256gb SD cards?



Re: S10 - issues saving photos to MicroSD card

Did you ever have any luck on this?  I bought 3 S10's in my family.  One is having issues, like you describe.  Trying to figure it out.  Also have a 256 GB SD card for 2 of the phones.  One has now issues, other one has issues.


Re: S10 - issues saving photos to MicroSD card

After replacing the phone, and replacing the SD card,  issue went away.
It appears two parts,  one maybe the original phone had some issues itself.
But with SD card, might be two 'counterfeit'  MicroSD  cards,  one was a 256gb Samsun and other was 256gb SanDisk.

I tried a new SanDisk 128gb SD card,  no issues,  after trying a 16gb and 32gb card,  no issues.
So bought a new  256gb  SanDisk  at BestBuy where other two bought on eBay.  The new / 3rd SD card has been working fine.
Conclusion on the SD card issue,  clone / counterfeit SD cards that are flakey.  They look real, authentic, but the two cards had issues also in my old S7 and in my DashCam.  So...  bad cards.

Where did you get your cards ?
Have you tried a store bought card ?