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Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: I have already provided that to you. On the find my mobil...

A lot of this kind of stuff is driven off of your Samsung Account/Samsung Account Storage/Samsung Cloud which Verizon locks down in their branded phones. 


You can still access the Samsung Cloud after jumping through hoops and a couple 3rd party app trick to extract the Samsung Cloud icon, but Verizon does not want you using Samsung Cloud. They want you use their cloud.


So while you can access SOME Samsung Cloud features, there are some options that are completely locked down. Like you can't auto sync ANY of the photos you take on your phone and you have to do manual uploading of them as "documents". It's really stupid how they lock all that down. I wouldn't be surprised if some of that added lock down impacts your Find my Mobile because Verizon has locked down certain aspects of your Samsung Account/Cloud

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