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S10 overheating solution

I recently bought an S10 from Optus in Australia and it was overheating quickly. It always operated uncomfortably warm. I noticed in a speedtest that the phone was having issues with upload speed and getting very hot during upload. I downloaded the S10 software updates in settings which improved the signal a lot but the phone still got hot quickly. Eventually I reset the phone without restoring my old settings - a totally new build. The problem now appears to be fixed and the phone is running mostly cool. The upload signal speed is still weaker than my old S8 and other devices I own but in real world conditions the phone blazes with speed and is very nice to use. Very fast phone which is now a joy to own, a big relief considering I signed up to a 3 year contract! 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: S10 overheating solution

Hey there!

I would recommend giving this troubleshooting an article a try for when your device feels warm:

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