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S10 phone volume is too quiet and quality is choppy

If I set the phone on the kitchen counter and use speakerphone, I need to bend down with my ear right by the phone to hear it. Didn't have to do that with my cheap old Samsung Amp Prime.

If I hold the phone next to my ear normally (not on speakerphone), the volume is low and keep telling the other person to speak slower; if they speak too quickly, then it cuts out/garbles about every third word.

 This phone sounds terrible! Since it plays music OK, I assume that the speakers themselves are good. This sounds like a software problem. Is there an external app I need to buy? Is there some secret setting? (I'm using this with a Cricket SIM on the Cricket network. Using the same SIM on the same network in my old cheap Amp Prime, it had none of these problems and sounded great.)