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S10 proximity sensor issues

Apologies... I can see previous threads on the same subject but am a little lost on how to resolve.

My S10 arrived on launch day and I had no issues with the proximity sensor until a few weeks ago. However, I am now frequently experiencing issues while making calls... random apps being launched (e.g. the phone trying to send "sketches" to the person I'm speaking to), calls being muted or put on speaker. All very frustrating! 

I'm not a techy so any step-by-step instructions on how to fix this would be gratefully received!


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: S10 proximity sensor issues

Hey @user6BNP1kBWfh, I hope you are doing well.


It sounds like your proximity sensor is either not being covered all the way or your screen may need to be cleaned (glass cleaner works well.)


In the event that it may be the software causing issues, you can try some of these possible solutions:

• Wipe system cache (a guide can be found here.)

• If a cache wipe didn't work, try placing your device in Safe Mode. This will disable any third party apps to eliminate the possibility of a downloaded app being the root of the issue. (To place your device in Safe Mode, follow the guide found here.)


I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any further assistance with this matter. Take care!

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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