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S10 screen turning on randomly

Morning all, 


So I have a Galaxy S10, had it for just about a year now.  It's not necessarily an issue or a problem, but sometimes my phone screen will turn on randomly.  Now I know there are motion and gestures setting, but that's not the problem.  The random turn ons I've seen have happened when my phone is laying flat on its back (so no motion), nothing above it moving (so no gestures), and it hasn't reached full charge (so the full battery screen turn on isn't triggering either).  There are no new notifications that pop up when this happens and I don't see a mini icon to indicate anything being downloaded (since that sometimes also triggers the screen turn on), so I'm kind of at a loss as to what's going on.  It's happened at least 10 times, though not with any regularity that I can tell.  


The only thing I've seen about maybe what it is is some conspiracy theory about my phone downloading a spy program via a text message from the NSA that sends enough to trigger the screen turn on, but the phone automatically deletes the message because of the program so it doesn't fully send and actually trigger a full notification.  For obvious reasons, I've dismissed this, I guess I must have left my tinfoil hat off for too long.


Anyone know anything or have a more believable theory?