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S10 snapdragon 855 video limitations

Hello everyone,

I think many of you are not aware of this issue, snapdragon 855 version of s10 have some limitations in video recording.

Recently bought filmic pro for video recording but came to know that I can only record at max 30FPS. Seems like exynos model can do 60FPS and beyond.

Is there any way to fix this? because samsung pro has actually got worse with s10 release!!

I spoke to customer care who were asking me to clear cache and restart phone......FTW


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: S10 snapdragon 855 video limitations

The 855 is certainly not limited to 30FPS, it's simply a limitation of that app... The SD S10s can use 60FPS in the stock app, as well as gcam so it's clearly not a chipset limitation. More importantly, the 845 already had 60fps recording...


Anyway, the devs for Filmic will have to figure it out. 

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