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My 1st S10e new bought in October 2019 was defective .. Daily defects all over would happen in front of my vision! .. All refurbished phones of the same model have been defective in some of same ways to different ways! .. IMO:  The SAMSUNG refurbish dept is not going over these phones from A to Z!  ..  Numerous defects in every phone!  ..  NOTE::  AT&T's refurbish dept manager admitted they do not go over the entire phones .. Just fixing what issues are listed on the IME # for that phone!  ..  I have yet to experience a 100% working new over $450 S10e cell phone!!!!  ..  VZN rep in MIichigan said wait til I get back in NJ .. I have had issues with odd # phones! .. I got back to NJ December 4th at 2:00am, away 10.28.19  thru 12.4.19  openng a huge entertainment business with my good friend/biz partner .. You can't call Samsung directly! .. I am not getting satisfaction!!!!!! ..  I need a new perfectly working cell  phone!  .. I was away on business! .. I am furious on this wrong doing!