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Samsung Galaxy S10e randomly restarted and I lost a lot.

Yesterday at sometime around 8:00 - 8:30 my phone randomly restarted; not just a normal restart, it got rid of all of my widgets (which I spent over a week making), wiped my backups in KQGT, and deleted some of my apps.
I have zero idea why it restarted, I did not fiddle with it, schedule it, etc. At first I thought that my phone died, but then I realized that my whole home screen was wiped.
Here is a before and after:

(Everything is touchable, as well as the bags, moon, and pumpkins, and there are other pages)

The whole first, third, and parts of every page was wiped.

If anyone has had a similar experience, can put a finger on why it happened, or how I can fix it, please respond.