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Samsung S10plus possible OS Corrupted

Hello everyone ! I already contacted with Samsung tech support and I’ll send my phone for repair but I just wanted to share what happened maybe somebody else’s is having the same problem and they have the solution.


I use my phone with Tasker (no root, no flashed) to send auto msgs to the people from my job and of course I use it for browsing, pictures, etc and last night when I walked away from my desk I heard a vibration and I thought it was a msg but I saw the Samsung S10+ logo and I thought that I was weird and when it loaded to the home screen I entered the pin for te first lodging and pum ! Again another reboot but it was worst it didn’t even make it to the Samsung logo


My phone had a reboot loop so I tried to perform a hard reset holdin power + volume down... Nothing happened then I did power + big + volume up to enter to the recovery settings and I wiped the cache but still same reboot problem, then after a while and idk how many reboots I was able to access the safe mode and it happened again ! In safe mode and it was when I freaked out and then I did a factory reset !


problem not solved ! Reboots persists and after a while I got a warning saying that I flashed the phone and blocked it, when I never toot it or any modification like that... now I’m supposed to send it to the service and I won’t have a phone for 2 weeks... this phone has 5 months and I bought it from Samsung as new ! Still paying the phone and now this happens... I’m not sure if I’m the only one with the same problem or it’s an android thing idk 

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Samsung S10plus possible OS Corrupted

Hi @user8yunTuJf2M, I'm sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with your device.


Have you considered taking it to your nearest uBreakiFix? They should be able to re-flash (re-install) the entire system. To find your nearest uBreakiFix location, please click the link I've provided:



I hope this helps! If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact me.


Have a great rest of your day!

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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