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Samsung, please add the ability to remove quick reply!

(Topic created on: 1/26/21 10:16 PM)
Galaxy S10
Personally I never use quick reply (the suggestions under notifications that say things like "reply", "like" etc.) because most times I need to open the app to view a post or picture anyway. So for me, they only get in the way and make my notifications bulkier. If I'm watching videos they restrict viewing content, and they take up half of the space of the notification that could otherwise be used for seeing more actual notification information. 

Samsung please add an option to turn off quick reply in the "detailed" notification pop-up section in settings. Its the thing I wish I could change about your phones the most because I see it every single day all the time. I've even gone through phases of using other apps to give me other notification styles, but those have their own issues. 

Also, for those thinking that I could just switch to edge lighting or "brief" notification styling, my issue with edge lighting is that it also completely changes the look of the notification, makes it smaller than I want, and changes the color to not match whether or not I'm in night mode (it's always white). I want to keep the detailed notification style, (A rectangle with rounded edges that matches if I'm in night mode or not) but just get rid of the quick reply suggestions. 
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