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Screen goes blank on phone calls if I need to type (S10e)

Hi Samsung customers, I've done alot of reading about the screen going blank during phone calls, while on speakerphone. 

Here is my issue:

-I'm on conference calls alot for work, and whenever I'm on a call, and pull the phone away from my ear to enter a number or put it on speakerphone, after about 1 second the screen goes blank and I have to tap it to wake up.  This happens pretty much all the time.  I have an S10e, and I do not use a screen protector at all.


There is another similar thread about this called "Screen goes dark on phone calls in speakerphone mode", and I'm going to save everyone the trouble of reading through the 70 or 80 other posts about it.  The majority of the people in this other thread said their phone does the same thing.  Some people said the cause is the screen protector, but that's not the case for this "issue", since I have never used a screen protector.  Samsung has issued a couple different fixes for this that do not seem to work (resetting the settings).  Some people think we just need to change the screen timeout settings in the phone, which is not the case, because no matter what it is set to, it still has the issue.  Some of them thought it was an issue with the proximity sensor going bad or something.  No idea.  Some people even said the screen timeout automatically changed itself for some reason.  Lastly, there hasn't been any talk about "accidental touch protection", and whether this might be the cause of the issue.  Who knows?  But I tried a temporary solution that seems to fix the problem, which is an app called "KinScreen" which keeps the screen on.  If you choose to download it, the only setting you will need checkmarked is "While in-call".  It seems to help because during calls, the proximity sensor still works like it should, but the screen doesn't go blank like it used to.  But like I said it's a temporary solution.


SAMSUNG, please spend a few bucks having people in an office analyze this issue, so that you can come up with a solution for ALL OF US.  Thank you! Smiley Happy


Re: Screen goes blank on phone calls if I need to type (S10e)

I believe this is affecting my top speaker as well.