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Settings keeps crashing

Whenever I try to open settings, it just keeps crashing. Other forums suggest that it's because I enabled night mode from quick settings, and that if removing Night Mode from the tiles doesn't work, I need to go to quick settings developer tiles to fix the problem. However, I haven't enabled developer mode, so I can't access that without going through settings, and it keeps crashing. Does anyone know how to enable developer mode outside of settings, or another solution to settings crashes?


Re: Settings keeps crashing


I don't think the issue with settings crashing is related to the night mode switch in the quick settings panel. 

The reason I say this is because with that particular issue the setting stopped working error popped up when we pulled down the quick settings panel. However it didn't prevent us from opening system settings while the quick settings panel was closed. That's why we were able to open developer options and remove the the duplicate night mode switch from the quick settings panel completely. Most of the time just moving the duplicate night mode switch back up to the inactive area solved the issue. One of the recent system updates removed the duplicate night mode switch from the quick settings panel but it's still in the developer options menu it's just not active.

Unfortunately knowing that doesn't help at all with the error you're getting. I almost hate to ask this. If your in safe mode does system settings still crash when you try to open it. Have you tried clearing the system cache partition. Can you use long press in the quick settings panel to open the settings for Wi-Fi, and night mode or does settings crash. Hopefully someone in the community has seen this before and knows how to resolve it.