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Smart unlock doesn't work when is screen off and device connected by Bluetooth

Since i received update for One UI2 with android 10 i have a problem with smart unlock.


i always have bluettoh turned on and when i go drive by car or motocycle, the divice connects correctly by bluetooth and stay locked.


1 - When screen is off

After device is connected by bluetooth i need turn on screen and unlock manually by pin/fingerprint and after that the smart unlock work.


2- When screen is on and phone unlocked 

The device connects correctly and smartunlock works well, even if the screen goes off, the phones stays unlocked by smart unlock.


3- When screen is on and phone locked

The device connects correctly and smart unlock doesn't work unless i manually unlock by pin/fingerprint.


The is is bad for me if i drive moto, i need insert pin or take glove off to unlock by fingerprint.


Before this update i don't have any problem.


I already clear google play services, removed all bluetooth devices, reboot, add/remove the device as secure in smart unloack and stay with problem.

The dev guy forgot some flag or something like that when the screen is off.


How can this be solved?