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Cosmic Ray

Sound Quality and Effects missing SoundAlive Options

On my previous phone the S8, in the sound quality and effects setting tab there were was a different equalizer panel from the one on my S10, I was able to change the bass and treble with only a slide and tone out either instruments or vocal, but more importantly there were these simulation amplifiers "Tube Amp Pro" and "Concert hall" which I loved to play around with, but they're no longer on the S10??? Why would they downgrade the equalizer on a better speaker???. Does anyone know how I can bring these options back? Honestly a such a buzzkill when Samsung downgrades on settings like these. Screenshot_20191202-181144_SoundAlive.jpgS10 SOUND QUALITY AND EFFECTS SETTING TAB


Screenshot_20191202-181252_SoundAlive.jpgS8 SOUND QUALITY AND EFFECTS TAB (SO MUCH BETTER)