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Been trying for the past couple hours to get support on my Galaxy S10 from AT&T because it isn't receiving any software updates when there have been updates for months close to almost a year now. It's a problem I had for a while and have taken it in to see if the problem can be fixed but no. Essentially, my problem is that my device is stuck on the Sept. patch and hasn't gotten an update since. I called AT&T to see if they could possibly push out an update to my phone from their computers, but they told me that they don't have the equipment to push out the updates manually on their side anymore. The AT&T rep who I was contacting told me that Samsung was able to push out the update to my phone manually. It eventually led to them directing me to contact Samsung Support in which I called. Samsung Support told me that they don't push out updates to AT&T phones and told me that AT&T was the only ones that can push it out. But AT&T told me they couldn't. They told me at first to contact AT&T too get the update but I told the Samsung Rep that they directed me to them. Now the Samsung Rep told me to call early in the morning to do a three way call between them and AT&T. Before all of this few months back, I did take my Galaxy S10 to a AT&T store near me only to be told that they couldn't provide the update/flash it to my device and recommended that I take it to a Samsung Experience Store. So I drove an hour out of my way to there only to be told that they couldn't do it too. I mean I even took it to Best Buy of all places and they couldn't do it. I wonder, where is the proper support for flagships like these. You pay 800+ for a device but don't get the proper support from either carrier or manufacture? I'm at a lost for words right now.