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Trouble with Ford Sync

My Ford Sync constantly crashes when paired with my Samsung S10+. I didn't have this problem initially so assumed there was an issue with Sync. I have brought it in for servicing several times. They've completely updated the Sync system and found no other issues, but the system still crashes. However, my husband said I must just have bad luck because he never has the issue when he's driving my truck. That led me to believe that maybe it was just me. I unpaired my phone and the system stopped crashing and resetting. I repaired the phone and the issues started again. The Sync system apparently doesn't have issues with other phones and initially had no problems with this one. I think an update must have caused problems.  I'm tempted to trade in my phone for a non-samsung phone if that means I can bluetooth to my truck's (explorer) system. I did clear the app cache and partition and still have the problem. Any other suggestions or fixes to try?

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Trouble with Ford Sync

Not sure which version of Sync your vehicle has but Sync is one lousy piece of software in our 2011 Edge. Probably every 3 months we have to reset Sync so it will handle address book and reading texts properly.


Just last week another great problem... it was 100 degrees outside and the thing decided to blow out heat on the passenger side and AC on the driver's side. It should have been blowing AC out of both sides. We had to pull over in a parking lot and reset Sync to get it to properly send AC out both sides. Then resync our phones, etc.