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Unable to connect to Bluetooth in Auto

Hello everyone, my phone went through and update last year, post update my notifications would no longer alert me through my Bluetooth. I contacted Samsung, I printed and followed thier procedure multiple times to no avail. I contacted them via chat online and was told it was my vehicle. NO! It's not, it worked "perfectly" fine until the update, furthermore, I've tried it in my company Chevy, rental cars and it doesnt work. The latest update in the past few days, my keyboard updated and everything I had stored for autofill is messed up or gone, I spell a word correctly and auto correct is changing it, it changed it to a word that doesnt even exsist, I went and looked it up on the internet to find some type of reference, nothing! I spell losing it changes regardless of the context, it changes to looking, this is happening with many words, everytime I recieve an update my phone goes crazy somehow, other people I work with and network with are saying the same thing. I have many Samsung products in my home, I've had an S7, still have an S8+ and an S10+, my mother want a new phone, I told her to hold off, I might suggest another brand, however, being Android, has anyone else exprienced this with non Samsung phones? I'm about done with Samsung and I'm not the only one. Any ideas before I bail on Samsung? They seem to be going from Samsung to Samdung! I tried to give feedback directly to the manufacturer, they dont make it easy, thats what happens when you lower quality control and eliminate customer service, people bail and they dont want to talk to anyone unless it's in their favor. They'll be like Nokia, popular one day recyled junk the next, another brand will come along and the same thing will happen agian and agian. Somebody convince to stay with Samdung, somebody genuine and not a hateful troll. Thanks!! James.