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Video Saturation/Color

I recently switched over from iphone to the s10+, and it's the best phone I've ever used. Kind of mad I hadn't switched over earlier.


My problem is: The colors while recording a video are awful. The saturation is far too much.

The green of the grass I filmed doesn't even look like it belongs on this planet. Kind of a shame having such great hardware and awful software.


Through updates, the photography end of things has come quite a way even since I got my device.

I was having the same problem with photos, but I shut of scene optimizer/beauty/HDR etc,

and the photos finally look pretty realistic. Even though I still see those exaggerated colors while editing the Live Focus for a split second (which I think is weird)


My question is: Why is there no video settings to correct this?

as we speak, I'm looking for 3rd party apps to shoot video with, which is ridiculous.

For a phone that's so customizable, I find it hard to believe that it can't be fixed.

Especially that photo and video is probably the main reason people buy phones nowadays.


If you basically want an instgram filter on all of your photos and videos, great, but make that an option. Please give people the choice to shoot things how they actually look.