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Voicemail notifications not working...

Okay... I've had my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus since mid-September and on the whole I love it. BUT my biggest, most maddening issue right from the start is that I do NOT receive any notifications of new voicemails. I've gone and set up the voice mail as explained by various websites. I tested it leaving a test vm from my home phone. I talked until I was blue with my carriers' tech support no joy. Did more research on this issue and found several others with S10 and S10 Plus models with pretty much the same issues. Basically setting vm via Samsung's instructions does nothing. Talking to tech support with their carriers had no effect. Trying tech support with Samsung was of no help with them stating the issues is with the carrier.


What in heck?! A beautiful pricey new cell that previous models had NO issues with voicemail including Visual Voice (which I miss dearly). I found a copy of the visual voicemail that was on my Galaxy S8 and tried it on this new S10 Plus phone and it doesn't work on the new phone. Checked out various of the voicemail apps and none work. I'm wondering if I should've held onto my S8 for another year or so waiting for a model that could handle something so simple as voice mail.


Re: Voicemail notifications not working...

I have an S9, with the same problem. In another thread, I tried absolutely everything, including calling in to my voicemail (by pressing 1 on the keypad) and ensuring the personal options were set to "all notifications", as well as looking at every app with "phone" or "calls" or "voice" and ensuring that notifications were on, and show app badges were on.


I still do not get any notifications. The voicemail messages are there - no problem with the functionality of the system. I just do not get the notification icon which tells me I have a new VM.


I have an S9 (SM-G960W), hardware version Rev1.1, running Android 9, with most recent patch date of November 1, 2019.


The phone is on the Rogers network (Canada). 


Any help would be welcome.




Re: Voicemail notifications not working...

I've had no joy in regards to voice mail notifications on S10 Plus and I've not seen anyone else solve the problem either. Tech support with T-Mobile, Tracfone, Verizon, etc. all refer the issue to Samsung Tech Support and of course Samsung refers to issue back to the carriers. Since the issue appears to be across all carriers it would appear the true issues lies with Samsung and their Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, etc. models. I love the phone beyond this issue but you would think that after all these years that Samsung R&D would know how to have their products have voicemail notifications STANDARD and I still long for Visual Voicemail.