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Volume turns to 0 when using bible app

(Topic created on: 1/18/21 3:52 AM)
Galaxy S10

For the last 3 days I have been running a bible app while I sleep. No headsets are used. It plays out loud on a low volume. It high enough to hear it but not enough to disturb my sleep. I notice that once during the night around the same period of time it would be silent. I check it think the app stops playing but it turns out the volume is turned down to 0. I turn it back up and it stays that way till I turn it off. Tonight just to see if it is a phone thing or a need priest thing (reason why I am running the app) I move the phone and cover it while it is playing. Tonight the volume didn't turn down. Not one to be illogical I searched online and see that there are others with volume issues. However, mines is unique and I want to know if anyone has had things playing long term on the phone speaker and the volume turns down to 0% ?? My phone was fully charged and actually stayed on the charger all night so battery is an issue.



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