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Warranty is a joke!

 about three weeks ago my ultrasonic fingerprint scanner quit working, I was holding it off on sending in until I could arrange for a extra phone to use in the meantime. About a week before sending in and I accidentally dropped my phone and got a small crack on the glass over top the rear camera. After I send it and I get a email back quoting me 450 for the repair, because of that small crack they voided my entire warranty!You would think with a brand new style fingerprint sensor like this that went bad they would’ve helped me out, last Samsung product I buy.  The crack over the rear camera had absolutely nothing to do with the fingerprint scanner and it happened after the fact was just a great excuse for them to milk more money out of me !

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Warranty is a joke!

Sorry about your device but the warranty is voided if there are any physical damages to the phone. Have you tried clearing the system cache on your phone?