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Waterproof Case

Has anyone found one that truly works. Have a sea side trip come up in a few weeks and dont want to ruin my phone. Need one that fits a S10+ I can take in the water

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Waterproof Case

Hey @LadyBurger, I hope you are doing well.


I have found WhaleBox (found on Amazon) to be really reliable.  The reviews on them are really great as well. I had one for my Wifes S10 but not for my S10+. The case for my Wifes S10 worked as described and I'd guess that it is as reliable for the S10+.


Here is a direct link to the case for the S10+:


I hope this helps! Have a great rest of your day. Catch some waves and be sure to stop back with some cool water pics! Smiley Happy


Take care.

Best regards,
Samsung Care Ambassador

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